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The importance of bees

The latest scientific research has proven that bees are the only creature on earth that does not transmit any infection of any kind...
No bacteria, no viruses, no fungi, and bees are responsible for pollinating a large proportion of plant species on Earth, which is estimated at about one-sixth of the species of flowering plants in the world. They are also responsible for the pollination of about 400 agricultural species.

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benifits of Honey

5- Stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system.

6- Regulates blood sugar levels.

7- Protects the liver and colon from toxins.

8- Eliminates general. weakness and emaciation

9- Relieves the symptoms of stomach ulcers.

10-Honey enhances sexual desire and improves reproductive health.

benifits of Honey

1- It is prescribed for breastfeeding mothers, as it enhances milk production, and supports the growth of the infant at this stage.

2- It is used for anemia because it contains high amounts of iron.

3- Contains the antioxidant linglon.

4- It is used to treat cough and lung injury, which are the most important symptoms of Covid 19.


bee wax

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Benefits of beeswax

Beeswax contains substances that, when ingested, help reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the human body, thus improving heart health. Raising levels of good cholesterol in the body. Expanding the blood vessels near the heart, reducing the chances of clots, but eating a large amount of it may cause a blockage in the intestines, and beeswax benefits in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Also, beeswax containing vitamin A effectively helps stimulate collagen production at the site of cracks that appear in aging, thus significantly reducing their appearance.


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